Three Questions for Donald Trump on His Failed COVID-19 Response

YPSILANTI– As Donald Trump comes to Michigan to take a victory lap over his inadequate COVID-19 response that has left over 5,000 Michiganders dead and an economy in crisis, Michigan working families are expecting answers for his failures. Here are three questions  Donald Trump should answer today:

  • As Michigan ran low on ventilators in early April, you repeatedly lied about invoking the Defense Production Act to end the shortage. Why did you delay ordering ventilators and is this now too little too late?
  • Only 38% of small businesses have received federal COVID-19 support, and Michigan small businesses have been hit the hardest. What do you have to say to small business owners who say you have put big corporations first in your response?
  • Do you still believe COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax and what is your message to families of the over 5,000 Michiganders who have died from it?

“Donald Trump is traveling to Michigan to take a desperate victory lap despite having failed Michigan health care workers and small businesses as over 5,000 Michiganders died,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Michigan’s working families deserve answers for this president’s failures.”

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