The Irony of the Current Chaos

The current national health crisis reveals the shortcomings of our health system and shows how a strong structured care program is necessary for the well-being of our country.

The Trump Administration fired Rear Admiral Timothy Ziegler and disbanded a global health security team in May 2018. This team could not have prevented the current pandemic, but our country would have had a coordinated and quicker response and probably fewer deaths. The president denies knowledge of or responsibility for the team’s disappearance.

As a campaign promise, there’s no denial the Trump Administration wants to destroy the Affordable Care Act. The administration has sided with 18 states led by Texas Republicans (Texas v United States) to litigate the Act’s constitutionality. Supreme Court oral arguments are scheduled for the fall with a decision anticipated in 2021. Provisions for people with pre-existing conditions, coverage of young adults, no-cost preventive care and donut hole closure are threatened. If overturned, millions will be without health insurance as there’s no proposed replacement plan.

The irony of the current chaos and the Administration’s real goal is palpable.


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