The DeVos Diaries: Trump-DeVos DOE Garnishes Borrowers’ Wages During Pandemic

LANSING– This week, the Michigan Democratic Party will be releasing The DeVos Diaries, a series on the Trump-DeVos education agenda and its devastating impact on Michigan teachers, students, and public schools. Today, the series will highlight how the Trump-DeVos Department of Education is garnishing wages from student loan borrowers as millions across the country, including 1.3 million in Michigan, lose their jobs.

The practice continued despite Congress ordering a halt on wage garnishment for student loan borrowers. The garnishment has stripped money from almost 300,000 borrowers even as job losses continue to spike and over one fourth of Michigan’s workforce applies for unemployment insurance.

“While Michigan workers face unprecedented job losses and an economy spiraling downward, Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are continuing to shake down Michiganders for every last dollar,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “This is a devastating attack on student loan borrowers as Donald Trump’s ineffective COVID-19 response fails them time and again.”

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