The DeVos Agenda

LANSING — Michigan is no stranger to the for-profit, anti-public education DeVos agenda. For 20 years, the DeVos family has fought to dismantle public education in our state, and bankrolled Republican campaigns in their attempt to make that happen.

Several Republican candidates have been touting an endorsement from GLEP, the Great Lakes Education Project. GLEP is a DeVos-backed project whose upfront claim is prioritizing euphemistic “school choice,” while advocating for funneling money out of Michigan’s public schools and into private and for-profit charter schools. These charter schools profit at the expense of students, families, and their communities, without being held to any of the same standards as our public schools.

“An endorsement from GLEP is an endorsement from Betsy DeVos,” said Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “It’s a discriminatory model. One that preys on students, their families, and communities across Michigan so a billionaire family and their cronies can get rich at our expense.  For the sake of every child in our state, we must continue to defend public education and dismantle the DeVos agenda”

Betsy DeVos’ GLEP Endorsements Include:

  • Martha Ptashnik, HD 19
  • Chase Turner, HD 38
  • Ryan Berman, HD 39
  • Andrea Schroeder, HD 43
  • Mark Tisdel, HD 45
  • David Martin, HD 48
  • Bronwyn Haltom, HD 61
  • Dave Morgan, HD 62
  • Beth Griffin, HD 66
  • Gina Johnsen, HD 71
  • Pauline Wendzel, HD 79
  • Annette Glenn, HD 98
  • John Roth, HD 104
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