Thank Goodness for Gretchen Whitmer

I am so disappointed in the national response to the COVID19 pandemic. Trump makes decisions with his gut and the COVID-19 pandemic has become a huge national disaster. I am disappointed in our 79th District representative and other Republicans who are using partisanship to push a frivolous lawsuit against the governor.

Thank goodness Gretchen Whitmer and many of the governors, including Maryland’s Republican governor and chair of the National Governor’s Association, are using knowledge and data. It only makes sense to take the direction of the public health professionals, science and evolving data to determine what action to take on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

She is implementing a six-stage MI Safe Start Plan. At this point we are at stage 3. As she says, opening up of Michigan “will be guided by the data, not artificial timelines.” She is working directly with many of our businesses to do this appropriately. Business does not want a spread of COVID-19 either. We can protect the people and open the state at the same time. We can do both. It is a false choice to have to choose only between staying at home or opening the economy.


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