Party Structure
and Platform

Our Platform

The Michigan Democratic Party believes that government must be open, honest, responsive, and accountable to the people it serves. All citizens should have the freedom and the opportunity to rise as high as their talents and initiative will allow.

This platform expresses our dedication to the belief that those who work hard should be assured the opportunity to achieve economic security, and that all should be able to live with basic human dignity. This platform embodies our core values of fairness and responsibility, and a commitment to the common good. This platform stands as a promise to the people of Michigan, based on our tradition and commitment to a better future for the people of our state and nation.

After almost eight years with a Democratic administration in the White House, our country as a whole is stronger at home and abroad, has made great strides in becoming a more equal society, and our nation’s economy is doing better than it has since the 1990s. However, despite the pace of our nation’s growth and improvement, the gains of the last 8 years have not been shared by all of the people in this state.

That is because for the past six years, Michigan’s government has been entirely controlled by the Republican Party and Gov. Rick Snyder, who have insisted on raising taxes on working people, senior citizens, and the poor, suspending democracy, all while slashing investments in public education and public health.