STATEMENT: Michigan Dems Chair Celebrates Historic Democratic Win in Ottawa County

As Michigan Dems’ momentum grows towards November, Democrats win local election by 60% in historically deep red Ottawa, Michigan

LANSING — Last night, Democrats flipped an Ottawa County Commissioner’s seat with a landslide 60% in a recall vote, representing yet another resounding rejection of MAGA extremism in the lead-up to November. Not only did Democratic candidate Chris Kleinjans oust an incumbent Republican, he did so in a deep red county that Donald Trump mistakenly believes he can rely on as election day inches closer. 

“There are no days off for Michigan Democrats, and flipping this seat is just another warning sign for MAGA Republicans that they are deeply out of step with Michiganders,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “This win is a result of the Michigan Democratic Party’s efforts to recruit thousands of strong candidates all across the state to run at every level of the ballot to push back against MAGA extremism. Our campaign infrastructure is second to none, and we are reaching Michiganders in every corner of the state. Meanwhile, Republicans’ ground game is nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s be clear, Democrats have shown real leadership and continue to deliver at every level while Republicans continue to throw away their chances by standing in the way of progress in favor of chaos. While we doubt they will change, this win should tell the MIGOP that Michiganders truly have no interest in the MAGA extremism that they’re peddling.”


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