STATEMENT: Michigan Dems Chair Celebrates Beginning of Black Maternal Health Week, Slams MAGA GOP for Opposing Progress

LANSING — As Black Maternal Health Week begins, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes released the following statement:

“In Michigan, Black women have long faced devastating barriers to accessible maternal care that can have destructive impacts on our communities. From protecting fertility care to expanding reproductive freedom, and not to mention increasing funding to reduce maternal mortality by hundreds of millions of dollars, Democrats from Washington to Lansing are tackling the maternal health crisis head-on. Meanwhile, it is clearer than ever that Trump and his MAGA cadre here in Michigan are a direct threat to the progress we have made and would unleash unprecedented harm. 

“Between working to repeal the Affordable Care Act and pushing extreme abortion bans across the country, MAGA Republicans’ agenda will disproportionately harm Black women in Michigan and across the country. There’s no question, Trump and his allies have made their priorities clear, and this November, Michiganders will hold them accountable for their extremism by reelecting President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot.”


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