STATEMENT: Michigan Dems Chair Barnes Slams Trump’s Stunt Visit in Grand Rapids

LANSING — Today, Trump is once again visiting Michigan and is expected to spread fear and chaos based on lie after lie about immigrants and the border. Before he can try and erase his record of working to kill bipartisan border security legislation and promoting violence, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes released the following statement: 

“The truth is, Donald Trump is coming here to politicize a tragic loss and lie to Michiganders’ faces about his record. When President Biden negotiated a tough, fair, and bipartisan border security deal, it was Trump who pressured his MAGA cronies to kill the bill, allowing the chaos to continue. 

“No matter what he says today, Donald Trump has no interest in being part of the solution because he doesn’t care about border security. He only cares about himself and whatever he thinks makes him look good, but Michiganders know the truth: Donald Trump has nothing to offer but dangerous rhetoric that promotes hate, division, and violence without making anyone safer.”


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