Statement From MDP Chair Lavora Barnes on Tonight’s GOP Primary Debate

Following the chaotic, disastrous Republican gubernatorial field’s first primary debate of the 2022 cycle, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“Tonight’s Republican debate in Livingston County – that James Craig refused to attend at the eleventh hour – was a spectacular display of just how much damage every candidate’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda would wreak on working families. As expected, the entire slate of extremists jockeyed for who could spew the most outlandish conspiracy theory, implement the most radical abortion ban, and make the most crude cuts to the critical services that keep Michigan first – such as the programs that allow us to build an educated workforce to be prepared for skilled jobs. 

“Michiganders deserve leadership that will work to bring Michigan forward, not undermine our economy, dismantle education, and strip fundamental rights away. This radical slate of Republican candidates have shown they are not up for the job.”

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