Statement From MDP Chair Lavora Barnes on This Evening’s Final General Election Debate

Following the final general election debate between Governor Whitmer and special interest bought-and-paid-for candidate Tudor Dixon, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“At tonight’s final debate of the cycle, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon played all her greatest hits. She touted her DeVos-backed agenda to decimate our schools, hurled hyper-political attacks in response to questions about her extreme rhetoric, attacked businesses bringing good-paying jobs stateside, tried to paper over her anti-choice crusade to eliminate reproductive rights for millions – and even found the time to cart out new conspiracy theories about the major strides Governor Whitmer has made to fix our damn roads. Two weeks from now, Michigan families will back Governor Whitmer, the only person on stage tonight who has been in their corner and kept them first.”

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