State Rep. Julie Brixie, Lansing Seniors Blast GOP for Plans to Cut Social Security

LANSING — Today, State Representative Julie Brixie and Lansing area seniors rallied outside of the Michigan Republican Center as a part of Michigan Dems’ “Too Extreme GOP” tour to call out extremist congressional Republicans for their plan to cut Social Security for millions of Michiganders who rely on it.

To mark the 87th anniversary of those federal benefits, Julie Brixie and Lansing seniors Peter Houk and Nanci Yaeger blasted ultra-MAGA Republicans like Jack Bergman (MI-01), John Moolenaar (MI-02), Bill Huizenga (MI-04), Tim Walberg (MI-05), and Lisa McClain (MI-09)   for pushing to cut Social Security while Democrats’ pass legislation that will lower costs and ensure seniors keep their benefits.

Here’s what these advocates had to say about the GOP plan to cut Social Security: 

State Representative Julie Brixie (HD-73): 

  • “In Michigan, over 4 million people use [Social Security and Medicare]. These benefits allow seniors, disabled workers, widows and widowers, and others to receive federal support that helps to pay for everything from groceries, to doctor appointments, to rent. Threatening to take away these programs that so many hard-working people rely on is a slap in the face to the Michiganders who have spent years paying into them.” 
  • “If we want to continue celebrating Social Security, we must send Michigan Republicans like Bill Huizenga and Jack Bergman packing because they care more about attacking seniors’ retirement benefits for political games than delivering on legislation that would lower costs for families at the grocery store and gas pump. And we must ensure our Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin keeps her seat this November because Tom Barrett’s past shows he’s already willing to fall in line with his Republican colleagues’ out of touch agenda.” 

Judge Peter Houk, Lansing senior: 

  • “If Republican politicians get their way, they would gut these programs, there’s no question about that. We’ve seen the plans in both the U.S. House and Senate, we’ve seen attacks in the legislature on taxes and pension systems aimed at our seniors. It’s important that we elect Democrats to defend these plans.”
  • “These out of touch attacks on our hard-earned federal benefits are extreme and have no place in Michigan. Meanwhile, President Biden and Michigan Democrats in the Senate are passing legislation to help cut costs for seniors like the Inflation Reduction Act. The bill will lower everyday costs on everything from prescription drugs to home energy while reducing the deficit to fight inflation – and it does that by making the biggest corporations pay their fair share and without raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000.”

Nanci Yaeger, Lansing senior: 

  •  “Both my husband and I receive Social Security. These are vital programs that mean so much to me and millions of other people across our state. While we are not reliant on Social Security, it still means so much to have that additional income because even though those checks may not make the difference between surviving, it does make a difference in how we participate in society.”
  • “This money doesn’t come out of thin air, we’ve spent years paying into this program on the basis that it would support us when we retire, so to hear that Republicans across this state are trying to put these programs on the chopping block is deeply heartbreaking. A majority of Michigan Republicans in Congress serve on the Republican Study Committee, which outlined their plans to cut funding for these critical programs. Seniors across our state deserve answers: do Michigan Republicans in Congress agree with these proposed cuts – or will they disavow their caucus’ agenda?”

The tour is part of the Democratic National Committee’s nationwide push to hold Republicans accountable ahead of the November elections. 

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