SPECIAL INTEREST ALERT: Koch-Founded Americans for Prosperity is the Latest Special Interest Group to Get Behind MIGOP-Insider Favorite Tudor Dixon

Yesterday, yet another establishment special interest group lined up behind “podcaster” and MIGOP-insider favorite Tudor Dixon. Americans for Prosperity is up with a five-figure radio ad buy to distract from her wrong-for-Michigan agenda with just 11 days left to go until the primary.

Founded by the Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity is an “astroturf political group” noted for “incubating” the Tea Party and taking “extraordinary” lengths to install all three of the previous administration’s U.S. Supreme Court picks on the bench – a move that proved fatal for nationwide reproductive freedom. 

In Michigan, AFP’s track record is just as devastating. Providing bribes and facilitating protests, the group played an integral role in swaying state legislators to back Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2012 Right to Work law. It yielded massive anti-union impacts that are still being felt by working families today not only in-state but across the country as it “pave[d] the way for right to work” copycat legislation to crop up in other states.

Spurred to pursue their extreme agenda by any means necessary, AFP engaged in the “emotional terrorism” tactic of posting fake eviction notices on Detroiters’ doors to oppose the construction of a bridge – all while “refusing to disclose which of its corporate backers” were behind the callous stunt pulled during the height of a foreclosure crisis.

Like DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon, AFP has pushed their crusade to decimate public education, supporting initiatives across the country that would siphon critical funding away from local school districts.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Between Americans for Prosperity, Susan B. Anthony List, Michigan Families United, and others, there’s a lot of establishment special interest money dragging Tudor Dixon’s campaign through the primary. As working families continue to reject her wrong-for-Michigan agenda, expect Tudor Dixon to carry more special interest water at the cost of students and Michigan families.”

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