SHOCKER: Kevin Rinke, Garrett Soldano, and Tudor Dixon Refuse to Provide Details About Which Critical Services They Would Cut 

Out-of-touch millionaire Kevin Rinke, snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano, and radical conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon have pushed a “piss-poor policy proposal” that would slash funding for critical services – but have so far refused to tell Michiganders what services they would slash. 

Economists estimate the measure forcing the following dramatic changes to Michigan’s budget:

  • Cut nearly $8 billion from the general fund, threatening funding for thousands of Michigan State Police and slashing nearly two-thirds from the main funding stream for the Departments of Health and Human Services, Corrections, and State Police, on top of half of all revenue for other critical departments .
  • Slash $3.5 billion from the School Aid Fund, the state’s main funding source for public schools in line with their similarly disastrous agenda to convert Michigan to a school voucher system that would have reduced state investment in education by upwards of $500 million annually.
  • Eliminate $600 million in transportation funding and threaten additional federal funds secured with matching state dollars, which would undercut the state’s ability to keep making crucial repairs to roads and bridges. 

Rinke has never explained how any of these “dramatic” revenue losses would be recovered, and has dodged multiple inquiries attempting to uncover which critical services would get the ax or whether he actually “weighed the potential damaging effects of such a plan if enacted” – that telling trend continued on stage tonight.
Similarly, Soldano, even after repeatedly questioning, “offered no other specifics for the massive spending cuts that would appear necessary.” Instead he pushed for what he described as “forensic auditing.”

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