Senate Showdown: “Total Loser” Rogers is “In Trouble” as More Republicans Oppose His Candidacy, Faces Heat for Dodging Questions from Voters

LANSING — Live, laugh, love? Well in the Michigan GOP Senate Showdown, the saying actually goes kick, scream, bite, throw rocks. While Mike Rogers pretends that everything is settled in the primary, Republicans are saying the opposite, calling it “laughable” since “Trump supporters can’t stand” “total loser” Rogers (who is also facing heat for dodging questions from voters).

Here’s the latest on the March Madness in the Senate Showdown:

  • What do MAGA Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents have in common? According to Amash, none of them support Rogers who is in “big trouble.” 
  • Rogers faced more heat from conservatives after he walked out of an event and refused to answer questions from voters. 
  • As SCOTUS heard oral arguments on the mifepristone case this week, here’s your reminder that Rogers, Meijer, Pensler, and Amash all support dangerous abortion bans.


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