Senate Showdown: Pensler Bashes “Unprincipled” “Professional Politician” Rogers, Meijer Stayed in Michigan Unlike Florida Rogers

LANSING — The “bloodbath” Michigan GOP Senate primary is getting even more chaotic. Candidates are not holding back as they whack each other in the Senate Showdown.

Here’s the latest on the Michigan Republicans’ “clash:”

  • Peter Meijer said that he didn’t move out of the state after he lost his Congressional race, which is in direct contrast to Mike Rogers who abandoned Michigan for Florida.
  • When asked to describe Rogers in one word, Sandy Pensler didn’t flinch and quickly called him out for being “unprincipled.”  
  • Pensler bashed Meijer saying that he didn’t know why was running and there’s no path for him.

See for yourself: 

Kent County GOP Coffee Hour: Meijer: “Let’s put it this way… I had a bunch of people ask me after I lost, they were like ‘Oh, where are you gonna move? Are you gonna stay in DC, Virginia, or Maryland?’ DC’s not home.”

Off the Record: Tim Skubick: “Mike Rogers?” … Pensler: “Unprincipled.”

Michigan Democratic Party: Mike Rogers Stands Against “Most Conservative Border Bill in Decades” 

Washington Post’s Leigh Ann Caldwell: Bipartisan border proposal “the most conservative border bill in decades.”

Schindy’s Meet & Greet Event: Pensler: “Then it’s Mike and me. And I’m going to take just a second to differentiate between Mike and me… I do think you need… a person that is not a professional politician. And the reason is professional politicians, I think, are too infatuated with the job. And as such, they’re not willing to take hard decisions. And they’ve gotten used to kicking cans down the road rather than making hard decisions.” 

Michigan’s Big Show: Meijer: “I think our party’s going through obviously a spot of turmoil… If your party is not focused on getting its candidates into office, it’s just a glorified social club.”

Schindy’s Meet & Greet Event: Pensler: “Peter, I don’t know why he’s running… he made a very big mistake. And there’s no path…” 


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