Secure MI Vote fails to follow the law

The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes.

“Michigan Republicans wasted no time following the 2020 elections in jumping on the “Big Lie” bandwagon, creating and echoing conspiracy theories with no basis in reality.  They quickly developed legislation purposefully designed to suppress the vote.  When those bills reached the Governor’s desk and she quickly vetoed each one, the GOP was ready with a petition initiative to override Governor Whitmer’s powers and continue to push their agenda of suppressing the vote. Apparently though their swiftness does not extend to following campaign finance laws. The Republican led petition drive, Secure MI Vote, failed to file a campaign finance statement as of yesterday as required by law. They have no problem making false claims about election fraud, while they so obviously break the law. I would say that we should expect better, but I don’t.  This is right on course for the GOP.  Do as they say, not as they do.”

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