Rules and Bylaws

MDP Bylaws

We, the members of the Democratic State Central Committee of Michigan, do hereby establish and adopt these rules of the Democratic Party of Michigan based on the following principles: The Principle of People – giving service to the needs and aspirations of all people.

The Principle of Democracy – working for equal opportunity for access and full participation of all elements of society in all political and governmental processes. We further state that the Democratic Party of the State of Michigan consists of those qualified members of the Democratic Party as described in these rules that work for and support the principles of the Democratic Party.

Rules for Voting
and Elections

These rules provide procedures to be used for all voting and elections at the various levels of the Michigan Democratic Party: State Convention, Congressional District caucuses, conventions, and meetings, County conventions and meetings, and meetings of constituency caucuses or clubs which are chartered by the MDP or
one of its units. No other voting procedures are approved for use within the MDP. To continue reading click below…

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