Right-Wing Group’s Endorsement of John James Shows He Would be a Reliable Vote to Increase Health Care Costs, Threaten Great Lakes, Gut Clean Water Protections, and Support Giveaways to Giant Corporations

Last week, the Koch-founded FreedomWorks endorsed failed Senate candidate John James, their first Senate endorsement of the cycle. The right-wing group’s support for James is a reminder that he would be a key ally in Washington for their far-right agenda. Both FreedomWorks and James have supported the GOP’s attacks on Michiganders’ health care, threats to Great Lakes funding, attempts to cut protections for clean water, and giant giveaways to large corporations and billionaires. FreedomWorks knows that James would be a reliable vote for their harmful agenda, even when it would threaten Michigan.

  • Tax Giveaways to Giant Corporations and Billionaires: FreedomWorks was a strong supporter of the GOP tax giveaway for large corporations and the wealthiest Americans. James fully supported the Republican tax law, calling it a “massive Christmas present.”

“John James would be a reliable vote for a disastrous and far-right agenda supported by fringe Republicans, even when it threatens Michiganders,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “Right-wing groups like FreedomWorks know James would be a partner in increasing Michiganders’ health care costs, rolling back protections for clean water, and handing out more tax giveaways to large corporations. It’s more evidence that James would be a rubber stamp for Washington Republicans and their agenda, not an independent voice for Michigan.” 


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