REMINDER: Tudor Dixon Would Force Rape Victims to Give Birth to “Find Healing,” Called Abortion “A Safe Haven for Any Type of Predator” 

LANSING — As Tudor Dixon continues to try and paper over her budget plan that would slash funding for law enforcement, the Michigan Democratic Party is holding her accountable for her previous comments about rape victims. 

A major pillar of DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda is her mission to drag the state backwards and deny access to reproductive care for millions of Michiganders – imposing excessively cruel outcomes on victims of sexual assault – even children who are abused by family members.

Dixon unequivocally supports the dangerous 1931 abortion ban that criminalizes abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother and makes felons out of reproductive health care providers. 

And in her crusade to ban reproductive freedoms, Dixon has attempted to defend her dangerous abortion ban by making the “outlandish” suggestion that rape victims should be forced to give birth so that predators cannot “hide that there is a child.”

  • “If you’re a predator, there’s nothing to like more than abortion. And if you can get a girl an abortion without her parents knowing, you can keep hurting her.”
  • “There are dangers with these things. We can’t let traffickers or predators have these pills that hide that there is a child.”  

Watch the video below to see these outlandish comments for yourself:

Beyond suggesting that rape victims should be forced to give birth because abortion protects predators, Dixon has also stated that a 14-year-old victim of incestual rape was a “perfect example” of why abortion should be banned and that child victims of rape should not have access to abortion because there’s “healing through that baby.” 

Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statements: 

“Tudor Dixon has been clear: there are no lengths she won’t go to in order to enact her dangerous plan to ban abortion. She has pushed baseless claims that predators ‘love’ abortion in an attempt to justify her radical plan to dictate how rape victims ‘find healing’ and force child victims of rape and incest to give birth. Her callous crusade to end abortion with no exceptions is just one of the many reasons Michigan families will reject her in November.” 

(This release is available online HERE)

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