REMINDER: Michigan House Republicans Voted Against Funding for Baby Formula  

Last week, in a stunning display of callousness and cruelty, every single radical House Republican running for re-election in Michigan voted against critical funding to help boost the supply of baby formula. While President Biden and Democrats are taking action to address the shortage, Republican extremists have proven – yet again – that they would rather stand in the way of helping American families. 

Despite Republicans feigning concern about the baby formula shortage, the vast majority of House Republicans actually voted AGAINST funding to address it.

Fox Business: “House Republicans demand answers from Biden administration on baby formula shortage”

Associated Press: “House bill to boost FDA resources amid infant-formula shortage narrowly overcomes 192 no votes from Republicans”

Newsweek: “Full List of 192 House Republicans Who Voted Against FDA Baby Formula Bill”

Included in that long list of Republicans is every single Michigan Republican running for re-election including: 

Congressman Peter Meijer who signed onto a letter with other House Republicans just last week calling on the Biden Administration to do something about the baby formula shortage. One week later, Meijer voted against the $28 million funding bill that would do just that. 

Congressman Lisa McClain who had said that the formula shortage is “incredibly dangerous,” so why was she one of the 192 Republicans who voted against a bill that could alleviate the problem? 

And Michigan’s second district Congressman Bill Huizenga also had words to say about the baby formula crisis and has offered no other solution except to vote against a funding bill with a majority of his Republican colleagues. 

Meanwhile, President Biden and Democrats are continuing to take strong action to address the shortage and increase the supply of baby formula across the country. 

New York Times: “Biden Invokes Defense Powers in a Bid to Ease Formula Shortage”

CNBC: “Biden is requiring suppliers to direct ingredients to baby formula manufacturers before any other companies who may have placed orders for those same goods.”

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