RELEASE – REMINDER: Rogers, Meijer, Pensler, and Amash Support Banning Abortion

Trump re-ups his endorsement for state abortion bans, Rogers, Meijer, Pensler, and Amash support dangerous abortion bans

LANSING — Donald Trump re-upped his dangerous support for state abortion bans today. Mike Rogers, Peter Meijer, Sandy Pensler, and Justin Amash all support dangerous abortion bans that would rip away Michiganders’ freedom to make their own personal medical decisions. 

Here’s where the GOP Senate candidates stand on banning abortion: 

  • Peter Meijer supports a national abortion ban and opposes exceptions for rape and incest. In Congress, Meijer voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act. He called the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wadetremendous.” Meijer co-sponsored an anti-IVF bill, and he refuses to answer if he’d sponsor the Life at Conception Act again in the Senate.


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