RELEASE – REMINDER: Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer Support Dangerous Anti-IVF Legislation

LANSING — This week, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos can be granted legal personhood, jeopardizing in vitro fertilization and other forms of fertility care. Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer both co-sponsored anti-IVF, personhood legislation in Congress that could jeopardize access to IVF and fertility care for Michiganders.

“Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer support dangerous anti-IVF legislation that would rip away Michiganders’ freedom to make personal decisions. Rogers’ and Meijer’s extensive anti-choice records show that they are out-of-step with Michiganders,” said Sam Chan, Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson.

Fetal personhood laws, like the ones that Rogers and Meijer co-sponsored, could impact the use of in vitro fertilization and impact access to contraception — such as IUDs and emergency contraception, including Plan B. 

  • Mike Rogers co-sponsored personhood legislation four times in Congress – H.R. 552, H.R. 618, H.R. 881, and H.R. 1091 – that defined personhood as the moment of fertilization. 
  • Peter Meijer co-sponsored H.R. 1011, personhood legislation in Congress that granted personhood at the moment of fertilization.


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