RELEASE – Questions Mike Rogers Must Answer After New Reports Of His Million-Dollar Florida Mansion

LANSING — A new report from Michigan Advance has raised questions about Mike Rogers abandoning Michigan nearly a decade ago for Florida and his “4,751-square-foot home in Cape Coral valued at $1.7 million” that “was his official residence until his decision to run for U.S. Senate.”

Rogers was living in Florida and registered to vote there before he decided to run for office in Michigan. In 2022, Rogers received a $50,000 homestead tax exemption on the Florida mansion indicating it’s his primary residence and a “renovation permit that same year worth $327,000, more than the cost of the entire Michigan house.” 

Rogers is currently not living at this property in Michigan, but with his sister-in-law “pending renovations on the White Lake property,” even though the house was “completely remodeled by the previous owner in 2022 just prior to its sale.”

Questions Mike Rogers must answer:

  • Why did you recently complete a $300,000+ remodel on your Florida mansion? 
  • Why did you immediately abandon Michigan after you left Congress?
  • Why are you registered to vote at a relative’s house? 
  • Did you move back to Michigan solely to run for Senate and represent a state that you haven’t lived in for nearly a decade?


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