RELEASE: Mike Rogers Sold Out “In Opposition to U.S. National Security Interests” to Enrich Himself 

LANSING — Last week, new reporting detailed how Mike Rogers enriched himself with his ties to “several Saudi companies… including one with questionable nuclear ambitions.” It is just the latest in a series of reports about how Rogers has exploded his wealth at Michiganders’ expense by working with “questionable” American adversaries “in opposition to U.S. national security interests.”

“Mike Rogers has shown that he will do anything to enrich himself, working hand in hand with American adversaries that threaten our national security. Rogers’ record is clear – he is only out for himself, even when it hurts Michiganders,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Sam Chan.

The latest reporting explores Rogers’ ties to “several Saudi companies” “which he has personally gained from, including one with questionable nuclear ambitions.” Rogers “has been a member of Telefonica’s Technical and Security Advisory Committee” of which Saudi Telecom is “its largest shareholder” and is a board member of “IP3 International and its subsidiary, Allied Nuclear.” 

This follows other reports of “the business relationships that Rogers engaged in over the last decade as a prominent ex-lawmaker, apparently making himself a multi-millionaire” including his “long record of helping expand the reach of Chinese companies in the U.S. and Europe.” 

In addition to his work at Telefonica, Rogers has “multiplied his net worth” working for “AT&T, which faced pushback for its entanglements with a Chinese telecom giant” and Nokia which has “conducted extensive business deals with Chinese tech companies like Huawei.”

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