Read Extended Comments of Tudor Dixon Calling the Incestual Rape of a Child the “Perfect Example” of Her Dangerous Anti-Choice Agenda

The fallout continues for DeVos sellout and MIGOP-insider favorite Tudor Dixon following her callous anti-choice stance discussed on Charlie LeDuff’s No BS Newshour, made viral last week by Heartland Signal.

Dixon said that incest and rape resulting in the pregnancy of a child was a “perfect example” of why she supports banning abortion. 

After originally doubling down, saying that she would not be “hiding from” her characterization of that gut wrenching hypothetical, she claimed that new footage from the interview would clarify her comments. Excerpts from that extended clip – in which she can be seen using the phrase “perfect example” multiple times before going on to argue that forcing pregnancy on minors is the only way to hold sexual predators accoutnable – can be read below. 

WATCH here.


 CHARLIE LEDUFF: The question would be like, a 14 year old who, let’s say, is a victim of abuse by an uncle.

TUDOR DIXON: Yeah, perfect example. No, perfect example.

LEDUFF: You’re saying carry that?

DIXON: The way that this could be set up is that you’re protecting that guy, and we’ve got to get those guys in jail. Because look- No, no, no, no, no

LEDUFF: That’s something else, and I agree. In fact, that guy should be hung, but-

DIXON: Cause we’ve got this new telemedicine abortion situation happening in this area.

LEDUFF: Nope, this is not a debate because I’m there with you… 14 years old, she’s four months pregnant, some f*ck hauled her into an alley or walked into her bedroom. You expect her to carry that thing? Yes or no? …Yes or no and then give me the answer.

DIXON: Because I know people who are the product. A life is a life for me. That’s how it is. That is for me. That’s my feeling.LEDUFF: That’s fair. You heard it. No exception except the health of the mother.

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