QUICK CLIP: Tudor Dixon Doubles Down, Says Conspiratorial Rant is “Proper History” 

DeVos-backed Tudor Dixon wants to indoctrinate Michigan students with the radical conspiracy theory she pushed on her right-wing internet show for two years. When given the chance to answer if she believed her 6-minute monologue about Democrats planning to “topple” the United States because they couldn’t get over “losing the Civil War,” Dixon said she was making the point that “our kids should be educated with the proper history,” implying her dangerous, unhinged remarks were based in fact – and that she believes that is what Michigan kids should be taught. 

WATCH the full clip here of Dixon doubling down on her conspiracy filled rant: 

Despite multiple fact checks that showed her version of “history” to be wildly inaccurate, Dixon doubled down on her unhinged conspiratorial rant. 

Let’s be clear: none of those words were rooted in truth as publication after publication fact-checked Dixon’s claims about pandemic relief money and the political parties. One outlet called Dixon “beyond dumb” for trying to imply today’s Democrats identified with the confederacy and slave ownership. 

Dixon must be “held accountable” for her words. 

Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement: 

“It’s obvious Tudor Dixon wants baseless conspiracy theories to be the foundation of Michigan school curricula; that much is shown as she refuses to denounce her comments and claims this is the ‘accurate history’ Michigan kids should know. Under a Dixon-DeVos administration, facts will be thrown out the window and that’s too dangerous for Michigan students. ”

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