QUICK CLIP: Dixon’s Attempt to Mislead Michiganders About Her Anti-Abortion Extremism “Doesn’t Fly”

“On the Overall Abortion Issue, Clearly Governors Do Have a Role in That” – Tim Skubick

Staunch anti-abortion extremist Tudor Dixon has been desperately trying to shift the conversation away from her plan to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother. After relying on conspiracy theories and “confusi[ng]” tactics to push voters into backing her no-exceptions agenda, Dixon is now fully misrepresenting a governor’s ability to serve as the last line of defense to protect and maintain abortion access.

The DeVos sellout recently tried to argue that reproductive rights are “not something that the governor has any impact over” – a lie that has been thoroughly debunked as Governor Whitmer continues to serve as the last line of defense for Michigan women and families. Just this week, she expanded access to reproductive care with a move that allows pharmacists to directly prescribe certain forms of contraception. 

Panelists from the most recent episode of ‘Off the Record’ weren’t buying it either. WATCH the clip and read the transcript below:

KIERTZNER: I want to go back to the abortion point. And that is, you know, the old adage is, if you don’t define yourself, including on an important issue, like abortion, the other side will do it for you. And that’s what they’re doing with these ads, hammering it, hammering in it. You’re in the ad, I’m in one of these ads, and they’re defining her with that.

MAUGER: Do you think she can stand by this answer she’s giving now that the governor can’t do anything on abortion?

KIERTZNER: That doesn’t fly. Do you think?

SKUBICK: Well, the governor does have power. Every governor has used it because Right to Life legislation eventually ends up on the governor’s desk and he or she has a veto pen and can decide the issue. […] On the overall abortion issue, clearly governors do have a role in that.

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