President Biden Delivers Free Masks, Tests to Keep Michiganders Healthy

Thanks to strong leadership from President Biden and Governor Whitmer, almost 70% of Michiganders are vaccinated against COVID-19. As Democrats continue to help communities recover from the pandemic, the Biden-Harris administration has implemented new strategies to keep the Great Lakes State safe – including providing free masks and free tests to every household.

This week, the White House began sending out those free at-home COVID-19 testing kits, with folks across Michigan already opening their mailboxes to free tests. Michiganders from the Upper Peninsula to Detroit are praising the Biden-Harris administration for the swift launch of this program, with Ann Arbor Resident Kate Hoffmire saying, Being able to have tests when people do come over, friends or family, being able to test ourselves and also being able to test them is really comforting.”

Free masks are available to Michiganders too, thanks to the close partnership between the Biden-Harris administration and Gov. Whitmer, who has already helped deliver 3.5 million KN95 masks statewide. Now the Department of Health and Human Services is shipping even more masks to Meijer stores, local pharmacies, and community centers to help keep Michiganders safe.

A new poll from the Morning Consult shows that a vast majority of Americans support Democrats’ latest efforts, with 3-in-4 voters noting their support for the White House’s plan — especially as the free N-95 masks and COVID-19 tests reach communities earlier than expected! 

As Democrats continue to work to combat COVID-19 and remove financial barriers for access to protective equipment, the Michigan GOP continues to intentionally prolong this pandemic by ignoring the science and spreading disinformation.
You can order your at-home COVID-19 test kit here and locate free KN95 masks in Michigan here.

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