Pitchford is Best Candidate for the 79th


Chokwe Pitchford is a young man who cares deeply about the people of Southwest Michigan. He has channeled his commitment into a strong campaign to become state representative for the 79th District.

Chokwe believes skyrocketing health care costs are a major threat to community well-being. He is concerned about the exorbitant cost of prescription drugs and supports giving Medicare the right to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies. He supports protecting those with pre-existing conditions from being denied health insurance, or losing coverage if they lose their job. Protection for those with pre-existing conditions is a central benefit of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Chokwe Pitchford is a supporter of the ACA, and an opponent of the Republican effort to overturn it.

Public education is a central part of Chokwe’s platform. He believes all students are entitled to high quality education and is committed to excellence in teaching, plus increasing the pay of teachers and support staff. He’s also committed to bringing education professionals to the table whenever decisions are being made.

Chokwe believes good-paying jobs are essential for the health of Southwest Michigan. He supports gradually increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, developing more career and technical education programs, and increasing the ability of unions to bargain for a living wage.

Criminal justice system reform is on Chokwe’s list of needed changes. He supports improvements to how police officers are recruited, trained and evaluated. He believes the cash bail system is discriminatory, and urges its abolishment. Chokwe advocates for the elimination of implicit and explicit bias in the criminal justice system, and believes the goal of our prison system should be rehabilitation.

Chokwe Pitchford is a compelling candidate for state representative in the 79th district. I will definitely be voting for him on Nov. 3.

Gretta Van Bree


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