Out-of-State Special Interest Cavalry Rushes in to Prop Up Tudor Dixon and Her Wrong-for-Michigan Agenda – Again

PACs and out-of-state special interests have been putting in overtime to prop up DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon. After wasting no time to express her gratitude for them dragging her flailing campaign through the Republican gubernatorial primary, Dixon is once again relying on their influence and resources to sell her wrong-for-Michigan agenda.

Following reports from Dixon’s own team that the national Republican Party has taken over her campaign, Governor Glenn Youngkin announced he too would be parachuting in to bail her out as she continues to sidestep actual Michiganders

After the DeVos family publicly lined up behind her, PACs supporting Dixon were able to spend “a combined $2.18 million” in her favor. One PAC running the majority of the airwave interference propping up Dixon’s campaign received $1 million from the wealthy clan.

Since the latest financial report, one PAC put five figures on the radio, another threw in $100,000, a different one “reserved $103,000 worth of airtime,” and Susan B. Anthony List announced they would be parachuting in six figures. Despite the fact that 60% of her own party voted against her, Dixon’s focus has remained on the out-of-state special interests who dragged her across the finish line.

In addition to both being establishment politicians who prioritize national special interests over working families, Youngkin has “made no secret of his opposition to abortion rights” – just like Tudor Dixon.

Dixon has repeatedly vocalized her staunch support for the currently dormant 1931 abortion ban that criminalizes abortion and makes felons out of reproductive health care providers. Her anti-choice stance is as extreme as it gets, making no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

She recently faced considerable scrutiny in Michigan and nationwide for saying that incest and rape resulting in the pregnancy of a child was a “perfect example” of why abortion should be banned. When given the opportunity to clarify, she doubled down on her callous statement saying, “I’m not hiding from it” before going on to claim that abortion helps sex predators abuse women and children because they can’t be prosecuted without the evidence of the resulting pregnancy.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon is once again breaking the special interest emergency glass after wasting the first weeks of the general election on a handful of national network appearances and conventions that aren’t based in Michigan. She knows there’s no other way to sell her backwards agenda to eliminate reproductive freedom, decimate public education as we know it, and usher in devastating cuts to law enforcement and infrastructure. Dixon owes working families answers on which of their priorities she’s pawned off to gain access to special interest resources and influence.”

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