Oops, She Did it Again: Tudor Extends Her ‘Disappearing Dixon’ Act to Her Fundraiser Reporting

Just as DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon remains missing from the campaign trail, so do her fundraisers from her campaign finance reports. Reflecting the “critical juncture” marked by continued failures to attract support for her special interest-backed agenda, her campaign faced the second campaign finance complaint in as many weeks.

As reported by Gongwer, the Michigan Democratic Party filed a complaint last week alleging that Dixon failed to report not one but two fundraisers that took place in the weeks surrounding the primary – a direct violation of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act that mirrors the facts cited in the previous complaint filed against her. This is the third time her operation has been flagged for shoddy bookkeeping.

In the previous incident, it was alleged that Dixon failed to report a summer fundraiser hosted by the DeVos family and attended by nearly 200 people. The DeVoses and their network donated over $200,000 directly to Dixon’s campaign during the previous reporting period.

Additionally, Dixon made the “more problematic” move of boasting about the fundraiser in campaign correspondence and sharing photos from the event establishing the fact that it was “clearly not in a home,” meaning that her campaign also failed to report in-kind contributions or expenditures in relation to this fundraiser.

The most recent complaint against Dixon’s campaign can be viewed in full here.

See excerpts below from Gongwer on the latest of Disappearing Dixon’s “campaign finance reporting violations.”

Gongwer: Dems File Another Campaign Complaint Against Dixon

The Michigan Democratic Party has filed yet another Campaign Finance Act complaint against Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who the party claims failed to report two fundraising events on her post-primary campaign finance filing.

Gongwer News Service obtained a copy of the complaint that was filed on Wednesday. It details the party’s assertion that Ms. Dixon held a fundraiser on July 28 and then another on August 14 and that both of those events were promoted by her campaign. However, the party alleges, Ms. Dixon reported holding no fundraisers during the reporting period of July 22 through and August 22.

“Based on the facts above and applicable law, Dixon knowingly filed an incomplete and inaccurate campaign statement by failing to disclose the Muskegon Country Club fundraising event and the ‘Macomb Fundraiser’ held during the time period covered in the post-primary campaign finance statement,” wrote MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “Further, Dixon knowingly omitted individual in-kind contributions or expenditures related to the Muskegon Country Club fundraiser and the “Macomb Fundraiser” as required to be disclosed by the [Michigan Campaign Finance Act]. After reviewing this complaint, any answer, and rebuttal filed, the BOE should complete their investigation and make a finding that there may be reason to believe that Tudor Dixon for Governor, Inc. has violated the MCFA.”

The most recent complaint follows another filed by the state’s Democratic Party leadership accusing Ms. Dixon of campaign finance reporting violations. […]

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