On Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, MDP Praises Biden’s Investments in Families and Blast Michigan GOP for Voting Against Cutting Child Poverty

LANSING — Today, on Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement praising President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress for expanding the credit through the American Rescue Plan and blasting the Michigan Republicans who voted against it:

“President Biden understands that the economy only works if it lifts up working people. That’s why he and Michigan Democrats are laser-focused on ensuring that low- and middle-income families get the dire help they need to reduce the costs of raising children.

“While Michigan Republicans vote against common-sense proposals supported by a large majority of Michiganders, the Biden-Harris administration and their Democratic colleagues in Congress are fighting to invest billions in programs that would cut child poverty in half, increase access to affordable child care, and help kids thrive. That’s a distinction Michiganders will remember at the ballot box next November.”

The American Rescue Plan passed earlier this year by Democrats in Congress included historic investments for children and families, providing direct payments of $3,000 per child over the age of six and $3,600 per child under the age of six to nearly two million Michigan families in 2021. This expansion of the Child Tax Credit, which was supported by every Michigan Democrat in Congress, has helped lift 117,000 children from Michigan out of poverty this year.

Yet, despite repeatedly taking credit for a recovery plan they voted against, every Michigan Republican opposed expanding the credit through the American Rescue Plan and continues to oppose the American Families Plan, which would make the expansion permanent.

Here’s how President Biden’s plan to extend the Child Tax Credit would benefit Michigan families—and why the Michigan GOP should support the proposal:

  • The American Families Plan will extend through 2025 the American Rescue Plan’s Child Tax Credit (CTC) increases to $3,000 per child 6-years old and above and $3,600 per child under 6. The extension will benefit 1,968,000 children in Michigan, including 669,000 children of color.
  • There are 229,000 children under the age of 18 in Michigan who are considered poor. The proposal is estimated to reduce child poverty in Michigan by 44 percent and cut child poverty roughly in half nationwide.


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