Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, Activist Sylvia Orduño Blast Trump’s Attacks on Clean Water

PONTIAC–Near the 47th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act and on the same day EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler spoke in Detroit, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash and activist and People’s Water Board member Sylvia Orduño  hosted a press conference holding Trump accountable for his broken promises on clean water.

At the press conference, Nash and Orduño blasted Trump for his reckless disregard for the Great Lakes and his indifference to preserving clean water for all. While Trump promised to “restore and protect” the Great Lakes, he has attempted to slash funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in every budget he has proposed. 

“Everything I do is geared toward keeping our drinking water clean,” said Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash. “All over Michigan, from the Clinton River to the Huron River to the River Rouge, we work hard at this, but we need money to do it. Every year in office, Trump has attempted to slash the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that’s critical to this work. But now he sends Andrew Wheeler to Michigan to say he supports the Great Lakes. That’s wrong– we need this money. From rolling back life saving regulations to threatening to cut funding for critical programs, Trump has broken his promise to Michiganders to protect our Great Lakes.”

“Just a few days after the 47th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, we’re here to remind Michiganders to ensure our water stays safe, clean, and protected for future generations,” said Sylvia Orduño. “Our lives are dependent on this resource, but more needs to be done. Our rivers and our lakes are threatened. What we’re asking is for Donald Trump to bring an end to his broken promises, stop his relentless attacks on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, and protect our clean drinking water.”


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