Not Ready for Primetime: James Craig’s Disastrous Day, Volume 4

LANSING — After hosting an embarrassing press conference on Monday, facing bad headlines on Tuesday for his inability to give straight answers to important questions, and a new report on Wednesday highlighting the ways he isn’t ‘leading from the front,’ James Craig handed himself another disaster of a day when he tried to pick a fight with Michigan reporters on Twitter. 

Craig, who apparently invited reporters to a roundtable and then refused to let them inside the room, took to Twitter to gripe about the coverage of his event not detailing a discussion reporters weren’t allowed to hear: 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:
“Party insiders have to be alarmed that their handpicked candidate is clearly not ready for primetime. After hunkering down and hiding from the media for three months, James Craig finally emerged and once again refused to give straight answers to direct questions. Glass walls and Twitter fights won’t be enough to shield Craig from accountability – Michigan voters deserve to know where he stands on important issues.”


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