NEW: While Michiganders’ Medicare and Social Security Strengthen Under Biden and Democrats, GOP Has Plan that Could End Guarantee

The trustees of Medicare and Social Security just released their annual report on the programs. The good news? Both programs are in better shape since President Biden took office because, “economic recovery from the 2020 recession has been stronger and faster than assumed.” Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ leadership, Michigan employment has rebounded quickly after it ballooned under Donald Trump, with unemployment reaching a new low of 4.3% as of April in large part because of the American Rescue Plan that Democrats passed with no Republican support. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are headed into the 2022 midterms with a plan that could end the Medicare and Social Security guarantee. The impact of the Republican plan on Michigan seniors and disabled workers could be disastrous, as  2.1 million Michiganders rely on Medicare for their health coverage and  2.3 million Michiganders  receive Social Security benefits each month to cover everything from rent to putting food on the table. 

“Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Michigan’s economy is making a strong recovery — unemployment is at a new low, small businesses across the state are booming, and thousands of jobs have been created through community investments. Now, because of that progress, Medicare and Social Security benefits that millions of Michiganders rely on are in better shape than they’ve been in years,” said MDP Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley. “Meanwhile, Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they will end Medicare coverage and Social Security for millions of Michiganders if they win control of Congress in 2022. It’s simple: Michiganders can’t afford a Republican agenda.”

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