New TV Ad Holds State Representative Pam Hornberger Accountable for Vote Against a Bill to Stop Sexual Predators Like Larry Nassar

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Democratic Party announced a new TV ad airing today. The ad is partially narrated by a survivor of sexual assault by USA Gymnastics sports physician Larry Nassar, who is now serving life in prison. That survivor reflects on State Representative Pam Hornberger’s vote to protect predators in positions of authority like Nassar, calling it “unforgivable.” 

“Putting laws in place to ensure our kids’ safety and protection is a no-brainer. We still want to know why Pam Hornberger thought it was okay to protect predators and their enablers. We need leaders like Rep. Kevin Hertel who will stand up at all costs to protect Michigan families” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

In 2019, Hornberger was one of just two members of the House to vote against a bill to make it a crime for a person to use a position of authority to prevent another person from reporting a crime involving sexual assault or child abuse.

The ad will air on Broadcast in the Detroit media market. It is accompanied by a digital ad highlighting State Representative Kevin Hertel’s fight to protect our children by passing Wyatt’s Law. 

The Transcript for Monstrous is below and the ad can be viewed here:

Nicole W: My dreams of Olympic Gold became a nightmare. Larry Nassar used his position of authority to abuse me and hundreds of other girls–and kept it all hidden.

Voice-over: State Representative Pam Hornberger voted against a bill to make it a crime for people in power to keep victims quiet. Children don’t have the power to stop the abusers; lawmakers do-but Pam Hornberger voted no.

Nicole W.: What Larry Nassar did was monstrous. What Pam Hornberger did was unforgivable.

The Transcript for Trust is below and the ad can be viewed here:

Erica Hammel:  My son was just a baby when he was abused by someone with a record of hurting children. 

I couldn’t let the same happen to other parents.  

I reached out to Kevin Hertel. He listened…he then led the effort to pass Wyatt’s Law to create a registry of abusers. 

Because of Kevin’s help, Michigan parents won’t be in the dark like I was. 

It’s hard to trust anyone to protect my child – but I trust Kevin Hertel to keep Michigan children safe. 


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