NEW: Tudor Dixon’s Participation in “Offensive,” “Disgusting” Films Complicates Own Crusade to Demonize Public Schools and Healthcare Providers

According to reporting from Detroit News, Tudor Dixon previously was credited for roles in dramatic “productions that featured gore and other actors in sexual scenes.” In a movie described by its own trailer as “offensive” and “disgusting,” Dixon is shown getting “eaten by two zombies.” She went on to play a vampire that uses a sword to slash a woman’s neck in a separate production.

News of Dixon’s involvement in these projects come as she remains fixated with distorting the realities of public schooling and healthcare providers in order to push her wrong-for-Michigan agenda.

Without providing any evidence, Dixon recently stated that school staff provide “sexually explicit materials to children” and likened them to “predator[s] sharing porn with children at the bus stop.” But when confronted with her own acting background, Dixon argued that her roles were “different” than what she’s targeting in schools because they aren’t accessible to children. As the reporting notes, her movie is “still available for viewing” to anyone with Internet access.

This week, Dixon was also caught baselessly claiming Planned Parenthood established a “business model” of “introduc[ing] sex” to “7th graders” so they can profit off of “plenty of abortions in high school.” The outlandish statement was promptly fact-checked by American Independent which pointed out that Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that “does not make money from its services.”

See excerpts from Detroit News below on Dixon’s “gory horror films” and read the full report here.

Detroit News: Michigan Governor Hopeful Tudor Dixon Eaten by Zombies in Gory Horror Film

By Craig Mauger 

Tudor Dixon, a conservative Republican who’s campaigning to be Michigan’s next governor, has appeared in productions that featured gore and other actors in sexual scenes.

One of the acting appearances has surfaced on social media in recent days amid a crowded, competitive race for the GOP nomination for governor. Her past roles included playing a vampire with a British accent in a series, and a character who was eaten by two zombies in a 2009 movie called “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead.”

The “BeBop” film was rated as being for those over the age 18, according to Amazon Prime, where the movie was still available for viewing Thursday. […]

The acting roles could be a factor in the Republican primary because of the “sanctimonious message” Dixon has been running on, said Jeff Timmer, a political consultant with the firm Two Rivers Public Affairs.

“In a normal time, this would just be weird,” Timmer said of the videos. “It’s not necessarily a character disqualification. It’s just an indication of just how freaking weird the Republicans have become under (former President Donald) Trump.” […]

Dixon’s campaign website describes her as a “conservative leader” who is concerned about the “indoctrination of children in our schools.”

On March 10, she tweeted that school staff who provide students with access to “sexually explicit” books should be prosecuted like “a predator sharing porn with children at the bus stop.”

Dixon said Thursday that appearing in movies with violent or sexual scenes that were for an adult audience was different from providing improper content to kids.

“This has nothing to do with something that children would have access to,” she said.

According to her IMDB page, Dixon, 45, acted in four productions from 2008 through 2012. Her resume included “LexiBaby” and the film “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead.”

An image from the film “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead” appears to show Tudor Dixon being eaten by zombies. […]

The film’s online trailer described the movie as “offensive,” “disgusting” and “sexual.” The movie featured two people having sex in a bathroom stall and a zombie biting a man’s genitals.

Tudor Dixon is listed in the credits of “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead” as “tag-teamed bopper.”

Dixon played a minor role in the film. She was briefly shown running away from two male zombies and then being eaten by them. In the credits, her role was described simply as “tag-teamed bopper.” […]

Asked to comment on Dixon’s acting appearances, Michigan Democratic Party spokeswoman Rodericka Applewhaite referenced the zombie movie and an ongoing Democratic challenge to Dixon’s petition signatures to get on the primary ballot.

“Maybe the dead voters who apparently signed Tudor Dixon’s nominating petitions were colleagues from these films,” Applewhaite said. […]

A promotional image for the “Transitions” vampire series shows Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon on the right.

Dixon played a character named Claire, a vampire who speaks with a British accent and describes Ed as her “charge.” In one episode, Dixon’s character is shown with a large sword before a woman’s neck is slashed and Ed appears to feed on the woman.

While there has been some criticism online of sexually suggestive scenes in the show, Ream said allegations that it was in any way pornographic were “ridiculous” and lies. […]

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