New MDP Billboard in Lansing Slams Tom Barrett For Once Again Voting Against 5,000 Auto Jobs

Michigan Democratic Party launches billboard campaign holding Barrett accountable for once again voting to prevent economic growth, supply chain security in MI-07

LANSING – Voters in Michigan’s 7th District will be reminded this month that after facing widespread blowback for opposing bipartisan measures in the Legislature that will bring 4,000 new manufacturing jobs to Michigan and retain 1,000 jobs, Republican candidate Tom Barrett recently voted against the investment AGAIN – marking his fifth vote against the bipartisan deal.   

The MDP is announcing a two-week-long billboard campaign calling out Barrett for once again opposing the work done by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to bring a new EV battery plant to Delta Township, which will promote greater stability in the auto supply chain by ensuring that we’re making the next generation of vehicles right here in Michigan, along with thousands of jobs and a $2.6 billion investment in the Greater Lansing area.

The billboard will appear just blocks from the State Capitol in Lansing at the intersection of Saginaw & Sycamore.

“Tom Barrett already faced blowback for opposing this transformational investment, so it’s shocking that he’d vote yet again against a deal that’s going to be such a win for the district he’s running to represent,” said Abby Rubley, spokesperson for the Michigan Democratic Party. “This is mid-Michigan: we know that a new auto plant means jobs, investment in our neighborhoods, and it means fewer supply chain disruptions when auto parts are made right in our own backyard. Michiganders can’t trust someone who puts his own partisan politics over such an obvious win for our economic security.”


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