NEW DNC AD IN MICHIGAN: “America’s Coming Back”

LANSING — Today, the Democratic National Committee released a new 60-second television ad in the Detroit media market titled “America’s Coming Back,” which highlights President Biden and Democrats’ success in bringing America back together after the worst public health crisis in a century. As we approach the Fourth of July holiday, the pandemic is in retreat, and families, friends, and neighbors are preparing to celebrate together once again thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ leadership. 

“It is often said that the road to the White House goes straight through Michigan, and it does, but so does the road to the U.S. House and Senate, says Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “We have a powerful delegation in DC that we fully intend to increase during the mid-terms. President Biden’s continued visits to Michigan are proof that he too recognizes the value of Michigan and our elected leaders. 

It is an honor for this to be his third visit to the state since he took office.  His last two visits were to celebrate Michigan’s contributions to the greater good of the world. With his third visit, we are once again going to see him honor the hard work of Michiganders across the state,” said Barnes.


The new ad marks the kickoff of the DNC’s push heading into the Fourth of July to make sure Americans across the country know that the nation is coming back thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ leadership. 


NEWSCAST: The coronavirus has changed life as we know it across America.

NEWSCAST: This is truly an unprecedented situation.

NARRATOR: July Fourth. The American holiday.

A celebration of freedom. 

And this year, there’s more to celebrate.

The freedom to hug a grandchild.

To see a baseball game in person.

To come back together, again.
America, leading the world out of a global pandemic, with honesty and compassion.

America’s journey continues. Through fireworks and parades, to build a better future.

A future that only we the people can make, together. 

America — we’re coming back.


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