NEW: Campaign Finance Complaint Filed Against Tudor Dixon Affiliated PAC Michigan Strong

“I Don’t Know Where That Came From,” Says Dixon Advisor After Being Hit With Complaint Surrounding Large Contribution from “Non-Existent” Entity 

Conspiracy theorist  and MIGOP backbencher Tudor Dixon is facing questions over an improper donation to her affiliated PAC, Michigan Strong. A campaign finance complaint filed with the Bureau of Elections details how Michigan Strong violated Michigan campaign finance law. 

According to the complaint, Dixon affiliated PAC Michigan Strong accepted a $5,000 contribution from an entity named “Tudor PAC.” Reporting from MIRS detailed that Tudor PAC is “non-existent” with a listed address attributed to a genetic screening company in Grand Rapids.

Dixon advisor Fred Wszolek acknowledged the donation was a violation as it had not been “properly reported.”Only after the complaint was made public did Wszolek say an amendment would be filed “at some point.”

The full complaint against Michigan Strong can be viewed here.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Tudor Dixon has made clear that as governor, she would be neither transparent nor accountable. After refusing to disclose her tax returns, she is facing questions over an improper donation to an affiliated PAC, and refusing to take any accountability for the violation. Michigan families deserve a responsible leader who will be transparent, not one who will dodge accountability at every turn.”

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