NEW: Betsy DeVos Nabs Key Blessing as She Continues to Mull Run for Governor

LANSING — Earlier this month, MIRS reported that people in Betsy DeVos’ orbit have been hard at work convincing Trump’s Secretary of Education to launch a campaign for governor. 

Now, new reporting from The Detroit News identifies one of those speculating on her joining the Republican primary is her husband and 2006 GOP gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVos. During a recent talk radio interview, Dick didn’t rule the political possibility out, saying that Betsy would “make a fantastic governor.”

DeVos has “remained publicly visible” since January, she’s even taken a page from the James Craig playbook by leveraging her former title for more airtime on national cable news shows targeted towards friendly audiences. Additionally, she penned an op-ed last week advocating for a voucher program that would’ve siphoned money from local school districts — once again putting her at odds with public school teachers in Michigan.

This new publicity blitz comes in the wake of Governor Whitmer signing a “historic” $17.1 billion dollar public education budget that completely closes a decades-long state funding gap between school districts — all without raising taxes.

“Whether Betsy DeVos runs herself or once again sets up multiple dark money funnels to back whichever candidate is most committed to pushing her agenda, our working families can expect her ongoing crusade to decimate and defund public education to loom large over this Republican primary,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “The field is already crowded with like-minded candidates that are more than willing to carry her torch of increased inequality for students from underserved communities. Michiganders can’t afford to lose the gains made from Governor Whitmer consistently putting their kids first — most recently through historic multi-billion dollar investments in the quality of education, funded without a single tax hike.”

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