Mike ‘Snowflake’ Shirkey Misses the Point, Again

The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes.

“It is not surprising that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike ‘Snowflake’ Shirkey took the opportunity following the Governor’s State of the State address to comment on her physical appearance as opposed to the content of her speech.  Once again, Senator Shirkey proves that his superpower of missing the point is still intact. Even in the middle of a global health and economic crisis that has resulted in over 400,000 Americans losing their lives, Mike Shirkey is focused on scoring political points and forcing his misogynistic, patriarchal viewpoints on all of us. Governor Whitmer, who unlike the MIGOP, understands her job, is committed to reaching across the aisle, and is delivering for Michiganders every day.”

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