MIGOP Admits They Have No “Clear and Identifiable Frontrunner” in “Chaotic” Gubernatorial Primary

“It’s a circus…If you can show me a crazier setting than the Michigan Republican Party right now, I want to know where it is.” – pollster Richard Czuba

Ballots drop Thursday in the gubernatorial primary with Republican voters largely undecided in a race that has been defined by forgeries, vampires, the unprecedented removal of both the frontrunner and the top spender, an FBI home raid and arrest, and multiple federal criminal charges continues to make national headlines. 

The chaos has pushed the MIGOP to start openly admitting they have no “clear and identifiable frontrunner right now,” as things “[plunge] into chaos.”

See excerpts below from The New York Times and POLITICO on how the MIGOP has done “virtually everything to blow the opportunity” to present Michiganders with a credible gubernatorial nominee, further underlined by the fact that all remaining candidates have backed wrong-for-Michigan agendas that would hurt working families. 

POLITICO: ‘It Won’t Let Up’: Michigan GOP Plunges Into Chaos

Michigan Republicans have been waiting for years for the chance to beat Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Then, they spent the last month doing virtually everything to blow the opportunity. […]

“Just when you think everything is settled, something new comes along and washes onto shore,” said Jason Watts, who was removed from his post as a district party treasurer in Michigan after publicly breaking with former President Donald Trump. […]

Many Michigan Republicans rushed to [Ryan Kelley’s] defense in the aftermath of his arrest. […]

A recent poll in the state, taken entirely after the news of Kelley’s arrest, did show him in the lead. […]

Democrats have gleefully watched the chaos in the Republican primary unfold, and have even tried to stoke the fire. Put Michigan First — the Democratic Governors Association affiliate in the state — released its first TV ad in the state earlier this week needling the entire field, before saying Whitmer is “protecting free and secure elections for Michigan.” The committee said the ad was running statewide, including “primetime slots on Fox News” in numerous markets in the state. […]

Still, [former MIGOP executive director Jason] Roe said, at the moment, “It’s just one week after another, and it won’t let up.” […]

Saul Anuzis, a former chair of the Michigan Republican Party, said “the petition signature issue in Michigan became a big fiasco.” […]

The New York TImes: Michigan’s Chaotic G.O.P. Primary for Governor: ‘It’s a Circus’

“It’s a circus. It’s the only way to describe it,” said Richard Czuba, an independent pollster based in Lansing, Mich. “If you can show me a crazier setting than the Michigan Republican Party right now, I want to know where it is.” […]

In a recent Detroit Free Press/EPIC-MRA poll, 45 percent of Republican voters said they were undecided about whom to support.

“I don’t think there is a clear and identifiable front-runner right now,” said Gustavo Portela, a spokesman for the Michigan Republican Party. “I think the race is wide open.” […]

Shortly after [Ryan Kelley] was released from custody, he told supporters he was “pretty sure” the arrest “just won me the primary.” […]

Mr. Craig is now running as a write-in candidate and Mr. Johnson is considering it. […]

Tudor Dixon, a businesswoman who has described herself as a “Michigan mom on a mission,” drew attention early last month when The Detroit News reported on her acting appearances, including in productions that featured other actors in sex scenes and a 2009 horror movie in which her character “was eaten by two zombies.” […]

Ms. Dixon has secured the endorsement of the DeVos family, longtime power brokers in Michigan, but has not made much headway with voters. […]

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