Michiganders are Plugging into a Future of Jobs and Electric Vehicles Thanks to Biden’s Infrastructure Law

Since signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in November, the Biden-Harris administration has made delivering a greener, more climate-friendly lifestyle a priority in Michigan. 

The funding for electric vehicles in the infrastructure plan is the largest federal investment in American history that prioritizes building a convenient, reliable charging network in Michigan and across the U.S. Michiganders making long drives to pick up groceries or go to work will have multiple options to charge their American-made electric vehicles. Thanks to President Biden, Michigan will gain $110 million over the next five years to provide incentives for business owners and individuals to build public charging stations. 

With investments into the state already pouring in to create the vehicles, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s additional federal dollars will ensure those Michigan-made vehicles have the ability for easy charging access — creating jobs and combating climate change in the process. 

In addition to funding for building chargers, the federal government is making it easier to switch to electric through a handful of incentives for buyers: 

  • Folks who purchase an electric vehicle can get up to $7,500 back depending on the vehicle make and battery size. 
  • In Michigan, DTE customers can get up to $500 back for an electric vehicle purchase and Consumers Energy customers can get up to $400 back.
  • Governor Whitmer proposed an additional $2,000 rebate for Michiganders who purchase electric vehicles. 

In total, Michiganders could save up to $10,000 thanks to President Biden and Governor Whitmer if they buy an electric vehicle in Michigan. This historic investment in a sustainable world will create thousands of jobs for the Michiganders who build the cars and chargers and ensure we’re not reliant on other countries for our needs. 

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