Michigan Unemployment Spikes After Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

LANSING– A new report highlights the economic damage Michigan workers have suffered after Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Michigan unemployment claims have skyrocketed by 550% as businesses close and the economy slows down due to fears of COVID-19. The devastation to Michigan workers comes just weeks after Trump called the virus a “hoax,” sought to downplay the danger, and failed to take action to contain the threat. Now, as the pressure mounts and state and local elected officials take the lead, Trump has desperately attempted to cover for his failed response as he stumbles through the crisis he recklessly ignored.

“For weeks, Donald Trump desperately played political games and sought to downplay threats from a dangerous virus, and now we’re seeing the consequences of his recklessness and failed leadership,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “This president has failed to address this crisis and Michigan workers are paying the price.”

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