Michigan Farmer Slams Trump’s Broken Promises on Trade

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party released a digital video highlighting how Donald Trump’s erratic trade war has damaged Michigan farmers.


The video portrays Michigan farmer Lynn Mason discussing Donald Trump’s erratic trade war and how his broken promises have left farmers without the stability they need to build thriving businesses. Despite his promises to stand up to China, it’s clear to Lynn and farmers like her that Trump got rolled by the Chinese and has little to show from the crisis he created.

“You know sometimes we sit down with other farmers and we ask them, ‘use some descriptive words to tell us about farming in 2020,’” said Lynn Mason. “I usually hear words like ‘challenging, stressful, and unpredictable.’ Donald Trump’s tweet after damaging tweet keep putting more obstacles in our way. With a new ‘phase one deal’ with China, it feels to me like he’s rolled over again and we are going to face the consequences. Wouldn’t it be great if Donald Trump’s administration understood that farmers need stability? Wouldn’t it be great if he understood the challenges that we face each and every day?”

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