Michigan Dems Statement on Fall Legislative Agenda Which Builds on Unprecedented Record of Results

In “What’s Next” speech, Dems look to deliver on health care, clean energy, and lowering costs

LANSING — This morning in her highly anticipated “What’s Next” speech, Governor Whitmer laid out the Democratic policy agenda for the legislature this fall. After already delivering unprecedented results for Michiganders this year, Democrats are ready to get back to work to ensure nothing is left on the table.

“The bottom line is Michigan Democrats have delivered historic results for our state and are not done fighting for our future,” says Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “This legislative agenda is laser-focused on making Michiganders’ lives better, with or without Republicans who continue to fall down a rabbit hole of MAGA extremism. Whether it’s improving health care, fighting climate change, or growing the middle class, what Michigan Democrats are doing is unprecedented. Democrats’ work is setting the standard for the country while ensuring that everyone can make it in Michigan.”

Democrats are working to lower costs for families and uplift the middle class by improving energy efficiency and making healthcare more affordable. Legislators are also expected to tackle utility costs, prescription drugs, expanding protections on reproductive freedoms, and more as they continue to deliver a fairer Michigan for all.


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