Michigan Dems Slam Republicans and Right to Life for Their Assault on Abortion Rights

The lawsuit from Republicans demonstrates their devotion to overturning the will of the people and undermining reproductive freedom

LANSING — Republican lawmakers and national right-wing, anti-abortion groups filed a lawsuit today hoping to overturn Proposition 3 – the overwhelmingly popular, voter-approved amendment that codifies reproductive freedom in the Michigan constitution. This is another heinous example of the lengths MAGA Matt Hall’s Republican colleagues will go to undermine Michiganders and their rights.

“The Michigan GOP has proven time and time again their disdain for democracy, and now, they are weaponizing that hatred to attack our reproductive freedom,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Democrats have fought hard to undo Republican anti-abortion laws and ensure that reproductive freedom is a fundamental right here in Michigan. This lawsuit is just another extremist attempt to overturn the will of the people on one of the most important issues facing us – and Democrats will fight it every step of the way.”

While there is still more work to do to strengthen abortion rights and access in Michigan, Democrats passed the vital Reproductive Health Act this week, which now heads to the Governor’s desk for a signature. This legislation is a major advancement after 40 years of Republican opposition to reproductive freedom. 

Despite voters’ overwhelming support for reproductive freedom, almost every single Republican voted against the Reproductive Health Act. The GOP is clearly willing to do anything to outlaw abortion, no matter the implications. 


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