Michigan Dems Chair Celebrates ACA Ahead of Anniversary, Slams Republicans for Undermining Michiganders’ Health Care

Chair Barnes highlights the millions of Americans covered under ACA and how easily a Trump presidency could take it away

LANSING — Ahead of the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) tomorrow, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes is calling out Republicans for their callous attacks on the ACA and its life-saving provisions. The ACA continues to be a lifesaver for millions of Americans – but its fate hangs in the balance in this election.

“Over a million Michiganders have coverage because of the Affordable Care Act, and yet MAGA Republicans would love nothing more than to take these vital protections away,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “On this anniversary, we must not forget that during Trump’s presidency, the GOP constantly worked to undermine the ACA without regard for the millions of families across the country who rely on it to care for themselves and their children. While Democrats put the well-being of our communities first, Republicans continue their assault on this life-saving legislation. 

“Under the Affordable Care Act, health care became more accessible — which is why we are proud that Michigan Dems codified these protections into state law this past fall. Make no mistake, if Republicans get the chance, they will strip away the ACA for the sake of pushing their extremist MAGA agenda and threaten the progress we have made. Republicans don’t care about the children, the cancer patients, the families, or anyone else who will lose their health insurance without the ACA. It’s simple, the only way to ensure we protect and expand on the ACA to ensure our families stay healthy is to send President Biden back to the White House this November.”


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